Self-Care for Autumn is here!

And I love it so much <3

Dear One,

I am sooooo excited to share with you today that the Self-Care for Autumn guide is now available! It's been thoroughly updated and now includes worksheets too. Also included in this is a FREE Gratitude Journal for Autumn.

Please check it out and please share it on Facebook and Instagram <3

There are two ways to grab your copy - my Etsy shop and my BuyMeACoffee page.

Here a link to the etsy listing:

Here's the BuyMeACoffee link:

I'll be back in your inbox soon with an update of things Grace & Magic and links to blog posts you may have missed. Right now? I'm tired, getting the guide done on time while dealing with extreme heat and horrid smokey air has been a lot harder than I thought - I'm tired and hungry AND my sweetheart is going out for tacos for us to celebrate!!

I do love me some gluten free tacos <3

Love ya,

Katherine Grace

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